AUB Libraries Digital Collections is a gateway to our digitized and preserved collections featuring manuscripts, maps, photos, posters, books, multimedia and other resources. This online growing repository aims to continuously disseminate knowledge about AUB, the region, our history and cultural heritage for the purpose of research, teaching and education. It is also a hub for collaboration with other departments, faculties, scholars in addition to external partners libraries and institutions to support digital scholarship initiatives.

Women Periodicals

Women Periodicals periodical collection

The University libraries houses a big collection of Nahda (Arab Renaissance) magazines that date back to the 1850s. Women's magazines are an important component of this collection. The editors of these magazines were women who were pioneers in writing to the public and raising women issues.


Al-Ādāb periodical collection

The AUB Libraries, in collaboration with "Dar al-Ādāb", are building al-Ādāb Digital Archives. The project includes the digitization, Arabic Text OCRing (recognizing printed text within a digital image), indexing, adding descriptive metadata, and preservation of the entire run of al-Ādāb magazine (1953-2012).

Arabic Collections Online

Arabic Collections Online book collection

The AUB Libraries have joined the Arabic Collections Online Project, a publicly available digital library of public domain Arabic Language Content. Established with support from NYU Abu Dhabi, and currently supported by major grants from Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, and Carnegie ...

Børre Ludvigsen Archive

Børre Ludvigsen Archive webarchive collection

Børre Ludvigsen’s Digital Archive consists mainly in preserving the work done by Professor Ludvigsen especially the digital repositories related to the Levant and the region. This valuable information which is made available for researchers and the public is preserved and presented as a web archive.

Kamal Joumblatt

Kamal Joumblatt collection collection

The University Libraries developed the Kamal Joumblatt Digital Library in order to make primary and secondary resources on Joumblatt freely and conveniently accessible to scholars, students and general readers. The digital library includes books, manuscripts and all the material donated to the University Libraries.


Manuscripts manuscript collection

The University Libraries own approximately 1,800 manuscripts in several languages, the majority of which are in Arabic. The core clusters were acquired as early as the late 19th century from the prestigious private libraries of the Syrian Society for the Arts and Sciences; Nawfal Nawfal's (1811-1887) and later the distinguished Lebanese historian 'Īsá Iskandar al-Ma'luf (1869-1956).


POHA oralhistory collection

The Palestinian Oral History Archive is an archival collection that contains more than 1,000 hours of testimonies with first generation Palestinians and other Palestinian communities in Lebanon. The project will digitize, index, catalog, preserve, and provide access to the digitized interviews.


Posters image collection

The art posters collection was donated to the Libraries of the American University of Beirut (AUB) after the "Exhibition on Art Posters in Lebanon", organized by the Steering Committee of AUB Arts Center, March 2001. The AUB collection of 165 art posters dates between early sixties until the late twentieth century.


Postcards image collection

The postcard played a crucial role in 20th c. visual culture, tourism and global exchanges, defining modern national topographies and iconic ways of seeing (and being in) the world. Postcards contribute to place and sight making and to constructing visual as well as nationalistic and cultural discourses, travel networks ...

Thamarāt al-Funūn

Thamarāt al-Funūn periodical collection

The AUB University Libraries publish the digital archive of "Thamarāt al-Funūn" newspaper, a valuable gift by Mrs. Inaam Kabbani al-Nsouli, the grand-daughter of its founder. She has funded the digital reprint of the newspaper for open access to researchers around the world, based on the principle of “the right for access to information” with online full-text search.