Børre Ludvigsen Digital Archive

About Børre Ludvigsen Digital Archive

Professor Børre Ludvigsen was a prominent and active professor at Østfold University College also he was a pillar contributor and owner of several of the first digitization and research initiatives at the AUB University Libraries and at AUB in general, working with many centers and institutions to bring collections together, digitize them, and then present them in the best way possible.

At the level of the AUB Libraries, Ludvigsen worked on many of the earliest digitization initiatives, including the Art and Political Posters, the Student Union Gazette project, the Arabic Manuscripts Digitization project, in addition to several projects related to Saab Medical Library. Most of these works are currently accessible through AUB Digital Documentation Center web archive.

One of his main, still-standing accomplishments is "Al-Mashriq" that became a well known local and regional online repository about the Levant. It was started as an initiative by Berthe Choueiry (now associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Ludvigsen in 1993 and was for a while an ftp-server at the Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Lausanne. It was moved​ in 1994 to become a World-Wide Web server at the Østfold University College, Halden (Norway). Currently all the digital files are preserved by the AUB University Libraries and the Al-Mashriq repository is made accessible to the public through its web archive.

Børre Ludvigsen’s Digital Archive consists mainly in preserving the work done by Professor Ludvigsen especially the digital repositories related to the Levant and the region. This valuable information which is made available for researchers and the public is preserved and presented as a web archive.