Interview with Pauline Saʻīd مقابلة مع بولين سعيد

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:23 - Childhood, education, and cultural life

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Partial Transcript: Landmarks- Private Institutions: Madrasat Rāhibāt Ṣahyūn (School); Madrasat Rāhibāt Mār Yūsuf (School).

Families: al-Nashāshībī; al-Ḥusaynī; Abū Ghūsh.

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Biblical teaching; Boarding schools; Certificates; Children's games; Christians; Clothing and dresses; Convents; Discipline; Family structure; Fathers; Gardens; Girls; Jaffa (Palestine); Jerusalem (Palestine); Languages; Manners; Morale; Musical instruments; Neighbors; Nuns; Punishment; Religious belief; Religious diversity; Religious practices; Sewing; Social norms; Social relations; Sports; Strikes; Teachers; Weaving; Women education; Work

00:28:25 - Socio-economic conditions and cultural life in Jaffa

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Partial Transcript: Families: Maria; Alonso; al-Bayrūtī; Ṣabbāghah; Dabbās; Lātīn; Gharghūr; al-Ḥumṣī; ʻAbd al-Nūr; Dajānī; al-Ḥāj ʻAlī.

Significant Figures: Dajānī, Saʻīd (Doctor).

Landmarks- Private Institutions: Church Missionary Society (School); Orthodox School (School); Frères (School); Madrasat Rāhibāt Mār Yūsuf (School); Madrasat Rāhibāt Ṣahyūn (School); Madrasat Rāhibāt al-Ṭilyān (School); Madrasat Rāhibāt al-Nāṣirah (School); Ottoman Bank (Bank); Barclays Bank (Bank).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Agricultural economics; Craftsmen; Economic hardship; Education; Exports; Imports; Jaffa (Palestine); Jaffa oranges; Neighborhoods; Orchards; Peasant workers; Ports; Professions; Public schools; Soap; Social classes; Socio-economic conditions; Sūq; Trade; Traders; Work

00:42:28 - Political and socio-economic conditions

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Partial Transcript: Families: Dabbās.

Landmarks- Private Institutions: Englander (Clothes shop).

Landmarks, Cultural and Touristic Institutions: Opera Mughrabī (Theater).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Beirut (Lebanon); Boycott; Bridal customs; British authorities; Children's games; Christianity; Churches; Clothing and dresses; Dwellings; Economic prosperity; Electricity; Fathers; Gardens; Hairdressing; Interreligious marriage; Interreligious relations; Jaffa (Palestine); Lebanon; Migration; Mosques; Neighborhoods; Neighbors; Nostalgia; Palestinian Orthodox Clubs; Palestinian-Jewish relations; Police stations; Priests; Soap; Social norms; Strikes; Summer; Tel Aviv (Jewish settlement: Palestine); Trade; Travel; World War, 1939-1945

01:01:34 - Battles and expulsion from Jaffa

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: Saʻīd, Ṣāliḥ (Martyr); Gharghūr, Līlah (Wounded).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Airplanes; Airports; Armed resistance; Atrocities of war; Beirut (Lebanon); Bombardment; Bombings; Bridal customs; Buses; City occupation; Clashes; Courts; Curfew; Economic aid; Elderly people; Embroidery; Emotions; Explosions; Family relations; Flights; Guards; Homeland; Hospitality; Jaffa (Palestine); Jerusalem (Palestine); King David Hotel bombing, 1946; Lebanon; News; Nostalgia; Passing on memories; Personal belongings; Radio stations; Refugees; Return; Soap; State of Israel; Suffering; Tel Aviv (Jewish settlement: Palestine); Terrorism; Trade; Travel; Zionist Invasion of Palestine, 1948; al-Lidd (Palestine); al-Manshīyah (Palestine)