Interview with Sa‘dah Ṣāliḥ Abū Ḥannā مقابلة مع سعدة صالح أبو حنا

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:10 - Childhood and hardships

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Partial Transcript: Landmarks- Private Institutions: Catholic School (School); Orphanage School (School); Schneller School (School).

Significant Figures: Ḥāṭūm, Kāmilah (Teacher).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Agriculture; Children's games; Coeducational schools; Dietary practices; Dwellings; Economic hardship; Education; Family structure; Farmers; Fathers; Handmade; Land ownership; Mothers; Rural life; Trade; Work; al-Raynah (Palestine)

00:11:18 - Cultural and social life

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Partial Transcript: Families: al-Dabdūb; al-Ḥuways; al-ʻArrām; al-Kalash; Sillāwī; Abū Ḥannā.

Landmarks-Places of Worship: Kanīsat al-Rūm (Church); Abū Shūshah (Maqām).

Landmarks- Private Institutions: Iraqi Petroleum Company (Corporation); Haifa Oil Refinery (Corporation).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Aid distribution; Catholic Church; Clothing and dresses; Coexistence; Entertainment; Fathers; Handicrafts; Intervillage relations; Means of transportation; Religious diversity; Sewing; Social relations; Sūq; Work; al-Raynah (Palestine)

00:22:35 - Expulsion from Palestine and refugee experience

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Beisan (Palestine); Cooking; Exile; Family reunification; Family structure; Hiding; Husbands; Means of transportation; Mothers; Palestinian diaspora; Refugee aid; Return; Routes; Shootings; Suffering; Syria; Terrorism; Work; Zionists; al-Raynah (Palestine)