Interview with ‘Alyā Michael Ajwaḥ مقابلة مع عليا ميخائيل أجوح

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:01 - Social life in al-Baṣṣah

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: al-Rayyīs, Bishārah (Mayor).

Landmarks- Private Institutions: Chatholic School (School).

Landmarks, Cultural and Touristic Institutions: al-Aḥad (Market).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Agricultural land lease; Arbitration; Camels; Children's games; Chores; Clothing and dresses; Coexistance; Coffeehouses; Dwellings; Hospitality; Income; Interreligious marriage; Latin churches; Marriage proposals; Municipalities; Orthodox Eastern Church; Peasant workers; Peasants; Pre-Nakba life; Public schools; Religious diversity; Schools; Social norms; Stoves; Wedding customs; Wedding dresses; Women dressmakers; Women education; Women in agriculture; Zionist Invasion of Palestine, 1948; ʻAtābā

00:25:06 - Zionist Invasion of Palestine, 1948

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: Jadʻūn, Najlā (Martyr); al-Shuwayrī, Salīm (Martyr); al-Ḥāṣbānī, Jiryis (Survivor).

Families: al-Bannā.

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Checkpoints; Churches; Crimes against humanity; Emotions; Expulsion from Palestine; Jewish settlements; Land purchase; Land sale; Mass murder; Murder; Palestinian-Jewish relations; Rifles; Road blocks; Shootings; Zionist Invasion of Palestine, 1948; al-Baṣṣah (Palestine)

00:34:54 - Expulsion from Palestine

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Displacement; Expulsion from Palestine; Generations; Home bombing; Palestinian diaspora; Passing on memories; Return; Seeking refuge