Interview with Fāṭimah Khalīl Sulaymān مقابلة مع فاطمة خليل سليمان

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:03 - Socio-economic life, family and childhood in Qadas

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Partial Transcript: Families: Dirbāj; ʻĪsá; Kuzbor; Arāch; Awṣān.

Significant Figures: Yaḥyà, Qāsim (Singer).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Bridal customs; Children's games; Clothing and dresses; Dabkah; Dhabīḥah; Dietary practices; Dwellings; Farmers; Feasts; Girls; Intervillage relations; Marriage proposals; Means of transportation; Mourning.; Neighboring villages; Nostalgia; Pre-Nakba life; Qadas (Palestine); Rural life; Siblings; Social norms; Tattoos; Wedding celebration; Wedding customs; Women education; Women in agriculture

00:16:30 - Qadas from the British rule to the Zionist occupation

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Partial Transcript: Families: al-Mārdīnī, Bazzī; Farḥāt; al-Mazārī.

Significant Figures: al-Sūqīyah, ʻAql (Mayor); Za‘rūr, ‘Abd al-Nabī (Martyr).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Agricultural products; Arbitration; Arrest; Attacks; Bedouins; British authorities; British-Jewish relations; Compensation; Expulsion from Palestine; Farm animals; Guards; Intervillage relations; Israelites; Jewish settlements; Land sale; Landowners; Marriage; Neighboring villages; Palestinian-Jewish relations; Truces; Water resources; Weapon acquisition; Zionist invasion of Palestine, 1948; al-Ḥamdūn (Arab tribe)