Interview with Rashīd Yūsuf Muṣṭafá مقابلة مع رشيد يوسف مصطفى

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:03 - al-Mālikīyah history during Ottoman and British rule

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Partial Transcript: Families: Muṣṭafá; Khalīl; Mūsá.

Landmarks-Places of Worship: Nabī Yūshaʻ (Maqām).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Agricultural products; Arrest; Bint Jubayl (Lebanon); British colonialism; Building practices; Children's games; Dwellings; Education; Family structure; Farmers; Means of transportation; Neighboring villages; Ottoman Rule of Palestine, 1876-1918; Pre-Nakba life; Rites; Schools; Traders; Wedding celebration; Wedding presents

00:21:32 - Political dynamics in al-Mālikīyah during the Zionist invasion

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: Khalīl, Muḥammad (Mayor).

Families: al-Mārdīnī.

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Keywords: Arab Revolt, 1936-1939; Battles; British army camps; Displacement; Expulsion from Palestine; Intervillage relations; Jewish settlements; Land sale; Palestinian-Jewish relations; Prisoners; Return; Revolutionaries; Syria; Zionist occupation; al-Ḥamdūn (Arab tribe)