Interview with Rīmā al-‘Alī مقابلة مع ريما العلي

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:03 - Characteristics of Palestinian community during the British Mandate

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Partial Transcript: Families: Fā‘ūr; Ḥamzah.

Landmarks - Lakes, River: ‘Ayn al-Kufrīyah (Water reource).

Landmarks-Places of Worship: Banāt al-ʻAyn (Maqām).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Agricultural income; Agricultural products; Arbitration; Brides; Childbirth; Childhood; Customs and traditions; Dwellings; Embroidery; Grooms; Handicrafts; Religious belief; Rural life; Shaʻb (Palestine); Traditional medical procedures; Wedding celebration; Wedding traditions; Women education; ʻĪd celebrations

00:34:27 - Political dynamics during the Zionist occupation and the expulsion to Lebanon

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Abdullah, King of Jordan, 1882-1951; Arab Salvation Army; British colonialism; Christians; Complaints; Dispersion; Displacement; Expulsion from Palestine; Home bombing; Identity cards; Martyrs; Mass graves; Military operations; Mines; Refugee experience; Resistance; Return; Surrender; Zionist invasion of Palestine, 1948