Interview with Laṭīfah Qaddūrah

Biography: The interview was recorded with Laṭīfah Qaddūrah, female, born in 1924 in Suḥmātā, palestine.
Interviewee: Qaddūrah, Laṭīfah
Place of Origin: Suḥmātā
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 01:23:28
Language: Arabic
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Significant Figures:
Qaddūrah, Kāmil ʻAlī (Poet); al-ʻAbd, Sa‘īd (Revolutionary); Sallūm, Khalīl (Martyr).
Mūsá; Ḥusayn; Qaddūrah.
Landmarks-Places of Worship:
Shaykh Ibrāhīm (Maqām); al-Nabī Sabalān (Maqām).
Table of Contents: Childhood, agriculture and everyday life. (@ 00:00:03)
Agricultural life in Suḥmātā. (@ 00:13:6)
Community life during the British rule. (@ 00:25:23)
Communal celebrations and marriage customs. (@ 00:39:25)
Political turmoil and revolution during the British Mandate. (@ 00:55:25)
Village occupation, displacement and exile. (@ 01:08:44)
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