Interview with Dīb Muḥammad Khashshān

Biography: The interview was recorded on January 28, 2004 with Dīb Muḥammad Khashshān, male, born in 1923 in Dayr al-Qāsī, Palestine.He worked as a policeman with the British authority during World War II.
Interviewer: al-Maṣrī, Muḥammad
Interviewee: Khashshān, Dīb Muḥammad
Place of Origin: Dayr al-Qāsī
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 02:05:03
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2004-01-28
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Significant Figures:
ʻUthmān, Ibrāhīm (Teacher); ʻĀrif, Khālid (Teacher); Ḥasan, Muḥsin (Teacher); Jad‘ūn, Michel (School principal); Yāsīn, Mifliḥ (Military trainer); ʻĪsá, Muḥammad (Jordanian Army commander); al-Tawbah, Aḥmad (Resistance leader); al-Ṣādiq, Majīd (Mayor); Ma‘rūf, Muḥammad (Mayor); Zaydān, ‘Alī (Folk poet); Khashshān, Muḥammad (Revolutionary); Khashshān, Naʻīm (Revolutionary); Khashshān, Jamīl (Revolutionary); Jadʻūn, Michel (Translator); Sa‘ūd, Naʻīm (Martyr); Ḥammūd, Khālid (Martyr); Khashshān, Khālid (Revolutionary); Ẓāhir, Maḥmūd (Resistance leader); ʻŪthmān, Muṣṭafá (Resistance leader); Ma‘rūf, Khalīl (Resistance leader).
Ma‘rūf; al-Ṣādiq; Maḥmūd; Khashshān; Qurfalī.
Landmarks-Places of Worship:
Shaykh Jawhar (Maqām).
Landmarks-Lakes, Rivers:
Tallit al-Rways (Hill).
Table of Contents: Education in Dayr al-Qāsī. (@ 00:00:00)
Social life and work experience in the British Army during the mandate. (@ 00:18:32)
Religious and ethnic pluralism in Palestine during the British Mandate. (@ 00:36:26)
Cultural and intervillage relations in Dayr al-Qāsī. (@ 00:52:24)
Political conditions at Dayr al-Qāsī. (@ 01:02:12)
War events and the Zionist invasion. (@ 01:09:4)
Zionist occupation of the village. (@ 01:27:59)
Military situation at Dayr al-Qāsī then the expulsion to Lebanon. (@ 01:37:30)
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