Interview with Sa‘dá al-Ḥasan Kāyid

Biography: Biogarphy: The interview was recorded on May 9, 2004 with Sa‘dá al-Ḥasan Kāyid, female, born in 1922 in Jidrū, Palestine and resides in Burj al-Shamālī Refugee Camp, Lebanon.
Interviewer: Mughrabī, Bushrá
Interviewee: Kāyid, Sa‘dá al-Ḥasan
Place of Origin: Jidrū
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 02:05:10
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2004-05-09
Permanent Link:
Landmarks-Private Institutions:
Haifa Cigarettes Manufacture (Corporation).
Landmarks-Lakes, Rivers:
Jabal al-Karmil (Mountain).
Table of Contents: Everyday life practices in Ḥawwāsah. (@ 00:00:00)
Marriage customs and wedding celebrations. (@ 00:21:37)
Socio-religious customs and celebrations. (@ 00:33:38)
Palestinian social customs. (@ 00:53:50)
Zionist infiltration, occupation and military attacks. (@ 01:23:32)
Continued warfare and departure. (@ 01:36:1)
Right of return and refugee hardship. (@ 01:55:54)

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