Interview with Ṣubḥīyah ‘Alī Yūnus and Fawzī Maḥmūd Abū ‘Alūl

Biography: سجلت المقابلة أيضاً مع زوجها فوزي محمود أبو علول، ذكر، ولد عام 1922 في لوبيا، فلسطين.
Interviewee: Yūnus, Ṣubḥīyah ‘Alī
Abū ‘Alūl, Fawzī Maḥmūd
Place of Origin: Lūbyā
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 01:23:22
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2003-04-23
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Significant Figures:
Abū Dhays, Ḥasan (Leader); al-‘Abd, Khalīl (Leader); Abū Dhays, Ḥasan (Village leader); al-‘Abbād, Fāṭimah (Doctor); Abū Dhays, Ḥassan (Village leader); al-Ibrāhīm, Muḥammad (Village leader); Dallāshah, Aḥmad (Martyr); al-Khalīl, Saʻīd (Martyr); al-Rashīd, Amīnah (Martyr); al-Ibrāhīm, Aḥmad (Martyr).
al-Shahāybah; Shihāb; ‘Aṭwāṭ; ‘Ajāynah.
Landmarks-Cultural and Touristic Institutions:
Sūq al-Jraynī (Market).
Table of Contents: Socio-economic conditions and everyday life in Lūbyā. (@ 00:00:00)
Marriage, family relations and community life in Lūbyā. (@ 00:17:4)
Social and political relations in Lūbyā. (@ 00:35:34)
Zionist infiltration, warfare and attacks. (@ 00:50:28)
Political turmoil and refugees' experience. (@ 01:01:57)
Return to the homeland. (@ 01:15:42)
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