Interview with Ḥusayn Muḥammad Darwīsh

Biography: The interview was recorded on June 15, 1997 with Ḥusayn Muḥammad Darwīsh, male, born in 1937 in Khirbat Ja‘tūn, Palestine.
Interviewer: Abū Hawwash, Jābir
Interviewee: Darwīsh, Ḥusayn Muḥammad
Place of Origin: Khirbat Ja‘tūn
In Collection: POHA, Al-Jana, Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: audio
Duration: 02:29:30
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 1997-06-15
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Significant Figures:
al-ʻAkkī, Aḥmad (Landowner); Ḥijāzī, Abū Aḥmad (Mayor); Sirḥān, Fāris (Village leader); al-Qassīs, Abū Mas‘ad (Village leader).
al-Darāwshah; Mir‘ī; Manāṣrī; Mḥaysnīyah; Ḥijāzī; Ḥawwā; Twaynī; Sursuq; Ḥabāyib; Bazzī; Salām; al-As‘ad.
Landmarks-Cultural and Touristic Institutions:
Qal‘at Jiddīn (Fortress).
Table of Contents: Farming and living conditions before Nakba. (@ 00:00:00)
Characteristics of a tribal community. (@ 00:07:50)
Infiltration during the British rule. (@ 00:15:52)
Political turmoil and military activity. (@ 00:28:46)
Battles and armed resistance. (@ 00:38:23)
War time and military operations. (@ 00:54:42)
Land, defense and resistance. (@ 01:07:22)
Military occupation and political clashes. (@ 01:23:28)
Military occupation and exile. (@ 01:41:24)
Humanitarian conditions during the exodus. (@ 01:54:38)
Refugee life, humiliation and isolation. (@ 02:10:19)
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