Interview with Āmāl Shurayḥ

Biography: The interview was recorded on November 6, 1997 with Āmāl Shurayḥ, female, born in 1939? in Akka, Palestine and resides in ‘Aramūn, Lebanon.
Interviewer: Hindī, Rīhām
Interviewee: Shurayḥ, Āmāl
Place of Origin: Tarshīḥā
In Collection: POHA, Al-Jana, Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: audio
Duration: 01:29:39
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 1997-10-06
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Significant Figures:
Shurayḥ, Fādī (Poet); Sirḥān, ʻĀdil (Village leader); Sirḥān, Fāris (Resistance leader).
Ṭannūs; Fākhūrī; Faraḥ.
Landmarks-Places of Worship:
Jāmi‘ al-Jazzār (Mosque).
Landmarks-Public Institutions:
al-Madrasah al-Waṭanīyah (School).
Table of Contents: Family and childhood. (@ 00:00:00)
The Exodus from Palestine. (@ 00:07:57)
Occupation and exile. (@ 00:22:56)
Refugees, aid and living conditions. (@ 00:45:44)
Refugee life in Lebanon. (@ 00:54:48)
Refugee life, humiliation and isolation. (@ 01:05:6)
Exile and immigration. (@ 01:17:55)
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