Interview with Maḥmūd Muḥammad al-Amīn

Biography: The interview was recorded on December 18, 1998 with Maḥmūd Muḥammad al-Amīn, male, born in 1924 in al-Sumayrīyah, Palestine and resides in ʻAyn al-Ḥilwah Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon. He was a mayor.
Interviewer: ‘Abd al-‘Āl, Khadījah
Nawfal, ‘Āydah
Interviewee: al-Amīn, Maḥmūd Muḥammad
Place of Origin: al-Sumayrīyah
In Collection: POHA, Al-Jana, Biographies Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: audio
Duration: 01:33:13
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 1998-12-18
Permanent Link:
Significant Figures:
al-Yūsuf, Ḥusayn (Mayor); al-Bunnī, Maḥmūd Aḥmad (Village leader); Ismā‘īl, Shiḥādah (Village leader); ‘Awaḍ, ‘Īsa (Village leader); al-Yūsuf, Ibrāhīm (Village leader); al-Kurdī, Maḥmūd ‘Alī (Village leader); al-Amīn, Maḥmūd (Landowner); al-Amīn, Muḥammad (Landowner); al-Nimir, Muḥammad (Public officer); Murād, As‘ad (School principal).
‘Abd al-Ghanī; ‘Awaḍ; al-Yūsuf; Ḥamādah; Ismā‘īl; al-Khaṭīb; al-Bunnī; al-Amīn; al-Sirḥān; Aṭāyā.
Landmarks-Public Institutions:
Madrasat Kafr Yāsīf (School).
Table of Contents: Mayorship and community life in al-Sumayrīyah. (@ 00:00:00)
Socio-economic conditions and mayorship. (@ 00:19:23)
Mayor contact with British authorities and anti-Palestinian economic measures. (@ 00:44:33)
Roles of Mayors post-Nakba. (@ 01:10:15)

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