Interview with Muḥammad ʻAlī Mawʻid

Biography: The interview was recorded on September 27, 1997 with Muḥammad ʻAlī Mawʻid, male, born in 1925 in Ṣaffūrīyah, Palestine and resides in al-Ghāzīyah, Lebanon. He worked with the British Army.
Interviewer: Mawʻid, Khālid
Interviewee: Mawʻid, Muḥammad ʻAlī
Place of Origin: Ṣaffūrīyah
In Collection: POHA, Al-Jana, Biographies Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: audio
Duration: 01:02:45
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 1997-09-27
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Significant Figures:
Qashmūsh, Simʻān (Foreman); Fawzī, Muḥammad (Teacher); Fāyiq, Aḥmad (School principal); al-‘Īsá, Rashīd Muḥammad (Resistance fighter); al-Tawbah, Khalīl Sulaymān (Resistance fighter); al-Ṣaffūrī, Abū Maḥmūd (Resistance leader); Sa‘d al-Dīn, Aḥmad (Shaykh); al-Salīm, Maw‘id (Village leader); al-Ibrāhīm, Sa‘īd (Mayor); al-ʻAbdullāh, Ibrāhīm Aḥmad (Village leader); ‘Abd al-Majīd, Sa‘īd (Artist).
Sulaymān; Maw'id.
Landmarks-Lakes, Rivers:
ʻAyn Nāṭif (Mountain).
Table of Contents: Political activities during the British rule. (@ 00:00:07)
War events and military occupation. (@ 00:10:12)
Occupation, displacement and exile. (@ 00:32:26)
Social and traditional customs in Ṣaffūrīyah. (@ 00:43:12)

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