Interview with Kāmil Ṣāliḥ Abū Rashīd مقابلة مع كامل صالح أبو رشيد

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:14 - Social dynamics at a tribal community at Khirbat Jiddīn

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: al-Muḥammad, Ṣāliḥ (Village leader); M‘addī, Jābir (Village leader); Farfaḥīnī, Abū Aḥmad (Poet).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Arab countries; Arbitration; Bedouins; British colonialism; British-Jewish relations; Building practices; Celebrations; Childhood memories; Conspiracy; Currencies; Dabkah; Dhabīḥah; Dietary practices; Druzes; Dwellings; Dīwān; Entertainment; Family structure; Farm animals; Folk poetry; Forgiveness; Generosity; Khirbat Jiddīn (Palestine); Land registration; Marriage proposals; Mayors; Means of transportation; Nation; Neighboring villages; Palestinian national identity; Refugee experience; Schools; Settler colonialism; Siblings; Social relations; Tribal customs; Tribes; Wedding celebration; al-Suwayṭāt (Arab tribe); ʻAtābā; ʻĪd celebrations

00:19:54 - Health and political conditions of ʻArab al-Suwayṭāt before and during the Zionist occupation

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Partial Transcript: Families: Sursuq.

Significant Figures: al-Ḍāhir, ‘Alī (Resistance leader).

Landmarks- Monuments: Qalʻat Jiddīn (Fortress).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Aerial bombing; Ammunition; Arab Salvation Army; Arab countries; Arbitration; Balfour Declaration, 1917; Bombings; British colonialism; British policy; Cities and towns; Conspiracy; Death; Displacement; Emotions; Expulsion from Palestine; Haganah; Jerusalem (Palestine); Jewish immigration; Lebanese Government; Lebanon; Medical care; Nation; Nostalgia; Political parties; Refugee experience; Return; Rumors; Tarshīḥā (Palestine); Weapon acquisition; Zionist Invasion of Palestine, 1948