Interview with ‘Ūffah Ḥamādah مقابلة مع عوفة حمادة

American University of Beirut Palestinian Oral History Archives
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00:00:03 - Political activity at al-Khāliṣah during the Zionist occupation

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: al-Ḥusayn, Kāmil (Resistance fighter).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Arab Salvation Army; Betrayal; Childhood; Defense; Education; Family structure; Fidā’iyyīn; Haganah; Home bombing; Palestinian-Jewish relations; Peasants; Resistance; Rural life; Seeking shelter; Siblings; Weapon acquisition; Zionist invasion of Palestine, 1948; al-Khāliṣah (Palestine); al-Ḥūlah (Lebanon)

00:10:51 - Events that lead to the expulsion

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Partial Transcript: Significant Figures: al-Ḥusayn, Kāmil (Resistance leader); al-ʻUthmān, Ṣabāḥ (Resistance fighter).

Landmarks - Lakes, River: ʻAyn al-Dhahab (Water resource).

Landmarks-Places of Worship: al-Khidir (Maqām).

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Aerial bombing; Buḥayrat al-Ḥūlah (Palestine); Death; Defense; Dispersion; Economic prosperity; Evacuation; Expulsion from Palestine; Famine; Farm animals; Fidā’iyyīn; Haganah; Home bombing; Homeland; Honor; International Committee of the International Committee of the Red Cross; Lebanon; Nostalgia; Palestinian-Jewish relations; Pamphlets; Pre-Nakba life; Refugee aid; Refugee experience; Religious belief; Return; Seeking shelter; Shaykhs; Summer; Village leaders; Water resource; Women in armed conflicts; Zionist invasion of Palestine, 1948