Interview with Ratībah al-Maṣrī and Aḥmad Maṭar

Biography: كما سجلت المقابلة أيضاً مع زوجها أحمد مطر، ذكر، ولد عام 1924 في نحف، فلسطين ويقيم في مخيم الرشيدية للاجئين الفلسطينيين، لبنان. كان جندياً في جيش الإنقاذ العربي.
Interviewee: al-Maṣrī, Ratībah
Maṭar, Aḥmad
Place of Origin: Naḥf
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 01:23:28
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2004-03-14
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Significant Figures:
Yūsuf al-Ṭāhā, Maṭar (Martyr); ʻAbd al-Salām, Muḥammad (Martyr); Dāhish, Jabr (Leader); al-Dūkhī, Muḥammad (Resistance fighter); ʻAbd al-Ghanī, Ḥamad (Mayor); Ṣubḥīyah, Aḥmad (Resistance fighter); Khashshān, Muḥammad (Resistance fighter); Shanāʻah, Aḥmad ʻAlī (Resistance fighter); Ḥamādah, ʻAbdullāh (Resistance fighter).
Table of Contents: Social and political conditions during the Zionist occupation of Naḥf. (@ 00:00:00)
Expulsion from Palestine. (@ 00:08:20)
Military occupation of Naḥf. (@ 00:24:43)
Violence, battles and resistance. (@ 00:33:28)
Military service in Arab Salvation Army. (@ 00:57:5)
Revisiting Palestine. (@ 01:06:10)

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