Interview with Aḥmad ‘Awn

Biography: The interview was recorded on June 25, 2004 with Aḥmad ‘Awn, male, born in 1918, in Ṣalḥah, Palestine and resides in Shabrīhā, Lebanon.
Interviewer: Mughrabī, Bushrá
Interviewee: ‘Awn, Aḥmad
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In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
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Format: video
Duration: 00:41:45
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2004-06-25
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Significant Figures:
‘Awdah, Muḥammad ‘Alī (School principal); al-Ḥāj Mūsá, ‘Alī (Mayor); Shiblī, Nimir (Mayor); Ismā‘īl, Na‘īm (Village leader); Maḥmūd, Ḥasan (Village leader); Ḥasan, Kāẓim (Village leader); Kasīrah, Ibrāhīm (Martyr); ‘Abbās, Muṣṭafá (Martyr); Ḍahir, Nāṣīf (Martyr); Kāẓim, ‘Alī (Martyr); Ḥasan, Khalīl (Martyr); Ya‘qūb, Mūsá ‘Alī (Martyr); Ismā‘īl, ‘Abd al-Ḥāj (Martyr); Salāmah, Ḥasan (Martyr); Salāmah, Ismā‘īl (Martyr).
Άwn; ‘Umar; Ma‘anqī.
Table of Contents: Socio-economic and cultural life in Ṣalḥah during the British Mandate. (@ 00:00:07)
Events of the Arab Revolt, Zionist invasion and expulsion from Palestine. (@ 00:11:9)
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