Interview with Muḥyī al-Dīn ‘Umar Shiḥādah

Biography: The interview was recorded on March 11, 2003, with Muḥyiddīn ‘Umar Shiḥādah, male, born in 1927 in Kuwaykāt, Palestine. He was a policeman in Akka Prison.
Interviewee: Shiḥādah, Muḥyī al-Dīn ‘Umar
Place of Origin: Kuwaykāt
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 02:04:55
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2003-03-11
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Significant Figures:
al-Khaḍrah, Najīb (Teacher); Niyāzī, Rifʻat (Teacher); al-Khaḍrah, Najīb (School principal); Bkhūr, Muḥyiī al-Dīn (Driving instructor); al-Ḥasan, Ṣālih (Doctor); Sirrīyah, Dāwūd (Shaykh); al-Ghaḍbān, Salīm (Mayor); Ibrāhīm, Khalīl (Mayor); al-Ḥasan, Aḥmad ʻAzīz (Poet); Sunūnū, Aḥmad Ṣāliḥ (Martyr); Naṣṣār, Aḥmad (Martyr); al-ʻAṭʻūṭ, Muḥammad (Martyr); al-ʻArʻūr, Abū ʻAlī (Martyr); al-Baytam, ʻAlī (Martyr); Iskandar, Muḥammad Ṣāliḥ (Martyr); Ibrīq, Ḥamad (Martyr); Dīb, Aḥmad (Revolutionary); Sunūnū, Dīb (Revolutionary).
al-Ṣaffūrī; Shiḥādah; Ḥasan.
Table of Contents: Childhood and rural life in Kuwaykāt. (@ 00:00:25)
Socio-political conditions and settler colonialism in Palestine. (@ 00:16:25)
Customs and traditions Kuwaykāt. (@ 00:28:3)
Social relations and entertainment pre-Nakba Kuwaykāt. (@ 00:52:48)
The village of Kuwaykāt: demography, geography and cultural practices. (@ 01:03:16)
Zionist invasion of Palestine : events and outcome. (@ 01:12:16)
Palestine under the British rule and Zionist Invasion: war events and riots. (@ 01:23:19)
Expulsion from Palestine and refugee experience. (@ 01:52:15)

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