Interview with Aḥmad Muṣṭafà Shabāyṭah

Biography: The interview was recorded with Aḥmad Muṣṭafà Shabāyṭah, male, born in 1912 in Ḥiṭṭīn, Palestine and resides in ʼAyn al-Ḥilwah Refugee Camp, Lebanon.
Interviewee: Shabāyṭah, Aḥmad Muṣṭafà
Place of Origin: Ḥiṭṭīn
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 01:20:08
Language: Arabic
Permanent Link:
Significant Figures:
Azzām, Mufaḍḍī (Trader); Azzām, Azzām (Trader); Shaʻbān, Muḥammad (Trader); al-Būlīṣ, Khalīl (Doctor); al-Saʻīd, Diyāb (Poet); al-Badawī, Muṣṭafá (Poet); Shabāyṭah, Mūsá (Mayor); Shabāyṭah, Maḥmūd al-ʻAbd (Mayor); Azzām, Abū Rāmī,(Mayor); Shabāyṭah, Muḥammad Ibrāhīm (Resisatnce leader); Shabāyṭah, Maḥmūd ʻAbd al-Qādir (Resistance fighter); al-Rabāḥ, Aḥmad Qāsim (Resistance fighter); al-Imām, Ḥāmid (Martyr).
Shabāyṭah; Azzām; al-Imām; Rabāḥ; Qīyyam; Sursuq; Ramaḍān; Twaynī; al-Lawābinah.
Table of Contents: Childhood difficulties and education. (@ 00:00:24)
Socio-economic conditions and cultural life in Ḥiṭṭīn. (@ 00:08:52)
Political turmoil and cultural life in Ḥiṭṭīn. (@ 00:27:23)
Political conditions and Palestinian resistance. (@ 00:38:21)
Expulsion and hardships of exile. (@ 01:03:3)

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