Interview with Ḥasan Ḥamad

Biography: The interview was recorded on July 7, 1997 with Ḥasan Ḥamad, male, born in 1930 in al-Ṣafṣāf, Palestine and resides in al-Baddāwī Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon.
Interviewer: Swayd, Ḥasīb
Interviewee: Ḥamad, Ḥasan
Place of Origin: al-Ṣafṣāf
In Collection: POHA, Al-Jana, Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: audio
Duration: 01:03:05
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 1997-07-13
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Significant Figures:
Zayn, Abū Salīm (Public officer); al-Zaghmūṭ, ʻAbdullāh (Mayor); Ḥamad, Muḥammad Ṭāhā (Mayor); al-Zaghmūṭ, Muḥammad Maḥmūd (Poet); Ismāʻīl, Muḥammad (Arab Salvation Army commander).
al-Kūkū; al-Zaghmūṭ; Ḥamad; Mirʻī; Sharāybī; ʻUbayd; Abū al-Kull; Shraydī.
Landmarks-Private Institutions:
Madrasat al-Zāwiyah (School); Madrasat al-Rujūm (School); Madrasat Khadūrī al-Zirāʻīyah (School).
Landmarks-Lakes, Rivers:
Jabal al-Jarmaq (Mountain).
Table of Contents: Childhood and education. (@ 00:00:00)
Social life and community traditions in al-Ṣafṣāf. (@ 00:14:56)
al-Ṣafṣāf Massacre, 1948. (@ 00:27:25)
Expulsion and refugee experience. (@ 00:40:33)
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