Interview with ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ al-Ghūl

Biography: The interview was recorded on January 22, 1996 with ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ al-Ghūl, male, born in 1941 in Haifa, Palestine and resides in al-Baddāwī Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon.
Interviewer: Suwayd, Ḥasīb
Interviewee: al-Ghūl, ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ
Place of Origin: Haifa
In Collection: POHA, Al-Jana, Folktales Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: audio
Duration: 01:25:35
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 1996-01-22
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Significant Figures:
al-Rāshid, Khālid (Singer); al Qayyā, Arghul Abū al-‘Abd (Musician).
Table of Contents: Palestinian ballads. (@ 00:00:03)
Palestinian folklore. (@ 00:16:0)
Wedding music. (@ 00:25:21)
Moral story. (@ 00:35:37)
Folk songs. (@ 00:44:15)
Mother's recompense. (@ 00:54:1)
Story of a Mother. (@ 01:15:16)

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