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  TitleInterview with Hanifa al-Husayn to describe the life and the customs and traditions in Palestine  
  Extent22:42 minutes 
  SubjectsBritish Army | Agricultural crops | Marriage | Weddings | Qanābīz | Story telling | Customs and traditions | Palestinian heritage 
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  TitleSieve (Ghurbal)  
  SubjectsTools | Sieves | Ghurbal | Separating coarser 
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  TitlePalestinian Mancala  
  SubjectsPalestinian Mancala | Games | Stones game 
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  TitleEngraved brass plate  
  SubjectsCopper ware 
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  TitleRecipe of Harrak Osbao from Syria  
  SubjectsCooking recipes | Falafel | Food | Folklore | Popular dishes | Syrian heritage 
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  TitleIron bell for cows  
  SubjectsCow bells | Iron bells | Animal bells 
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  TitleSyrian's woman hat  
  SubjectsTraditional clothes | Woman hat | Bride's dowry | Syrian heritage | South of Syria 
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  TitleCoffee pot  
  SubjectsCoffee pots | kettles | Copper ware 
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  TitleInterview with Jihad Dakwar about geography and climate of Qaddītā village  
  Extent05:54 min 
  SubjectsCalendars | Climates | Seasons | Agricultural crops | Qaddita (District of Ṣafad, Palestine) 
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  TitleWooden bride box  
  SubjectsHandmade boxes | Wooden box | Bride's dowry | Bride clothes 
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  TitleShop of Palestinian heritage items  
  SubjectsAntiquities | Tools | Handcrafts | Traditional costumes | Woman embroideries | Palestinian heritage 
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  TitleMother of pearl decorative wooden box  
  SubjectsHandmade boxes | Mother of pearl decoration | Syrian heritage 
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  TitleMold for Maamul with nuts  
  SubjectsTools | Folklore | Sweets | Maamul molds | Palestinian heritage | Syrian heritage 
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  TitleInterview with Jihad Dakwar about transportation in Qaddītā village  
  Extent03:39 min 
  SubjectsTransportation | Rural transportation | Airport | Qaddita (District of Ṣafad, Palestine) 
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  TitleWater jug  
  SubjectsGlass ware | Drinking water jug | Blowing glass | Syrian heritage 
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  TitleGirl love song blaming her beloved young man  
  SubjectsLove songs | Folk songs 
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  TitleCooking Stove (Baboor)  
  SubjectsCooking stoves | Copper ware 
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  TitleArabic kohl  
  SubjectsMake-up | Women cosmetics | Handcrafts | Customs and traditions | Palestinian heritage 
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  TitleTraditional Palestinian songs by Jamil Isma'il Hamad  
  SubjectsSongs | Customs and traditions | Weddings | Marriage | Palestiniasn heritage | Safsaf (District of Safad, Palestine) 
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  TitleLarge Bell  
  SubjectsCopper bells | Animal bells 
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