Interview with Zaynah Aḥmad Sulaymān

Biography: The interview was recorded on June 24, 2004, with Zinah Aḥmad Sulaymān, female, born in 1943 in Qabbāʻah, Palestine and resides in al-Rashīdīyah Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon.
Interviewee: Sulaymān, Zaynah
Place of Origin: Qabbāʻah
In Collection: POHA, Al-Nakba Collection
Interview Audio/Video:
Format: video
Duration: 00:41:43
Language: Arabic
Interview Date: 2004-06-24
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Significant Figures:
al-Fandī, Muḥammad (Martyr); Yāsīn, Zahrah (Martyr); al-Fandī, Ḥalīmah (Wounded).
Landmarks-Lakes, Rivers:
ʻAyn Muqallid (Water resource).
Table of Contents: Childhood and agriculture community in Qabbāʻah. (@ 00:00:01)
Zionist occupation and the expulsion to Lebanon. (@ 00:25:12)

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